Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Offline for Awhile

Hello my dear cyber friends! I just wanted to let you know I'll be out of crafting commission for awhile. My mother became ill yesterday and I 'rushed' 350 miles to be with her (nothing like having your brother calling to say that mom's being taken to the ER and doesn't know who she is and can't speak). She's been battling Stage IV lung and bone cancer for 2 years. She's been doing wonderful and has her doctor 'perplexed' (his word) since she hasn't responded any where near text book. She likes to tell people she's out lived her 'original expiration date' of 6 months. Our family is very spiritual and we know the reason she's been able to remain on her own and going strong, even amid chemo and horrid side effects. God has been more than good to us and I know He won't abandon us now. Now it seems her cancer has moved into her brain and she's had quite a roller coaster 48 hours. She was brought to the ER with stroke-like symptoms but it wasn't until today they confirmed the brain cancer. She is pretty much back to 'normal' today; her speech and mobility have returned. They still don't know what caused the episode but are starting to treat the 100+ mini cancer cells in her brain with radiation. She was scheduled to start I.V. chemo next week to wage fresh battle on the lung and bone cancer. That's been put on hold while she receives 15 full brain radiation treatments. I brought my computer to the hospital, but not my crafting supplies. There just wasn't time to pack it all! :o) I do keep a few small cross stitch projects at her apartment so I can have something to keep my brain busy from fretting. I'll be staying with her through the weekend and probably through next week so I can help her adjust to the treatments. Hopefully she's improved well enough tomorrow to be released. Just needs to get over the severe headache and nausea that have been plaguing her all day. I know I'm just a speck in the grand world of crafting blogs, but I've been fortunate enough to have an AWESOME group of ladies become followers and always leave positive comments. Since I'm fairly active with my posts, I thought a few of you might notice I'm gone. If you have a moment, I ask you to say a special healing prayer for this Crafty Cat Chick's mom (her name is Carol). I'll keep you posted when I'm back on line. Here's a recent photo of us from our Relay for Life celebration at the beginning of June. Pay no heed to the make-up free, SUPER humidity frizzed whacko on the left; just note the beautiful spirit shining through the smile of my hero on the right. Mom's hair finally grew back after the last chemo treatment and she's sad to learn it will more than likely fall out again during radiation. We might have to pull 'Harriet' out of retirement (that's what we affectionately call her wig). THANKS for always making my day by looking at my blog. Farewell for now, Frizzy and Fluffy (aka as Cat and Carol)

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  1. Think positive!!! I am touched by your post. I will be praying for you, your mom and your family. Blessings!


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